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Experienced Breeders

We are a small cattery in Pine Mountain, GA. All of our Devons are apart of our family, and are raised amongst us with lots of loving care. We offer these rare, purebred cats for adoption to become part of your family.


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Our cats come from a long line of healthy Devons. We provide high quality grain-free food to our fur babies. Our Devons have complete vet checkups and up to date vaccinations.


A Furever Friend

Devons are often described as a cross between "cat, dog, monkey, and parrot". They are lap cats, often play catch, love to socialize, and have lots of energy.

News & Events


We update our social media often with news. You can also see the forums posted on ours feedfor more information. 

Our Goal


To promote and better the breed and produce healthy quality kittens with fun-loving and playful personatlities.



The Devon Rex is a breed of intelligent cats that emerged in England during the 1960's. These cats can learn difficult tricks, and are known to recognize their owner's name. 



Devons are described as the "Pixle of the Cat World." They have huge ears, large expressive eyes, skinny necks, and curly coats. They're low maintenance and hypoallergenic.

Pet Care


Low maintenance and little to no shedding. It is important to monitor food intake and provide endless love and attention.


"Thanks for the best two kittens ever. They are a constant delight. We love them!"        -Mary Alice in Minneapolis, MI

"We really like to keep you in the loop and let you watch them group up. We are truly blessed with our Devon Rexes."      -Michael in Bowling Green, KY

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Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach to reserve your furever friend or if you have any questions. 


Pine Mountain, GA

(706) 333-4441